Gabriel le Roux (Blois)


Gabriel le Roux, the youngest child of Pierre le Roux and Anne Bourdon was born at 3pm 25th July 1669 in Mer, France.
He was one of 5 children: Daniel (1661), Pierre (ca 1662), Anne (ca 1664), Jean (1667) and Gabriel (1669).
They lived on a farm called Pommegorge, west of Mer (Map of farm location) with their widowed mother.
The farm is owned by their uncle Isaac le Roux, Isaac was their father's half brother.
He was their grandfather Richard's marriage to Magdeleine Louat. He's 2nd wife.
Family tree:

Gabriel's parents: Pierre le Roux and Anne Bourdon, they were married 24 February 1658.
  Pierre was born 1 September 1623. He was Cheverny county's bailiff while living in Cour-Cheverny
Anne's parents: Jean Bourdon or Daniel Bourdon? and Claudine Lenoir or Isabeau Rouze? 
(15km from Blois) until the 1680s before forbidden to continue his role.
He became a merchant as he couldn't continue being a bailiff due to his believes.
He died 19th of March 1682.

Gabriel's grandparents: Jean (Jehan) le Roux and Anne (Jehanne) Chauffour, 
they were married in Mer on the 31st May 1615.

Anne's parents were - Gentian Chauffour and Marie Petit.
Anne died before 1638 and Jehan married his 2nd wife
Suzanne Brossier in Mer and had 5 children. 
Samuel, Marie, Estienne and Claude.

Jean was born 1593 and died November 1668.

Gabriel's great grandparents:  Richard le Roux and Marye Dutens, they were married 31st March 1589.
Richard was a merchant from Aulnet, Mer.
Richard married Magdeleine Louat and Isaac le Roux were their son.

Gabriel's great great grandparents: Jehan le Roux and Francoise Roullet.

Sources: Hugenote society of South Africa, Die families le Roux in Suid Afrika by Kathleen le Roux and Le Roux family bond. 

South Africa:
OVC offered immigration to Cape of Good Hope.
Somehow the brothers found out about it and left France for Holland after the 
wedding of their brother Pierre and Elisabeth Souchan on 22 October 1686.
They spent around some time in Holland before leaving on the ship Voorschoten on 31 December 1687.
Jan and Gabriel arrived in Saldanha Bay on 13th April 1688.
They were granted land by Simon van Der Stel (governor of the Cape), Jean in 1692/1699? and named his farm Parys and Gabriel his La Concorde.
Both farm names can still be found today. The old KWV head quarters in Paarl is on La Concorde.
The Le Roux memorial stone is in the garden of the KWV HQ.
Family Life:
Gabriel married Marie-Catherine Le Fevre in 1701 and they had 5 children.
Maria Magdalena 1702, Pierre (Pietre) 1704, Daniel 1709, Abraham 1709 and Gabriel 1711.
Jean and Gabriel drowned during a winter storm in 1711 while trying to cross the Berg river.
It's unsure of where they are buried but it's believed to be in the vineyards around the
Simondium church.

Gabriel's baptism entry in registry at Mer but on Blois online database.
Read about Dominique le Roux's visit to registry office in Mer, Dominique thank you for the photos. 9/1...

It reads as:
Baptism of Gabriel Leroux
Sunday 28 July 1669: Gabriel Leroux son of Pierre Le
roux and of Anne Bourdon was born on the 25th of this
month at three o'clock after midday and presented to be
christened by honourable person Pierre Hardouin cloth
merchant and Catherine Souefve widow of dedeased Gabriel
Poirier, his godfather and godmother. The holy sacrament
was administered to him by Mr Janicon.

Last entry of for Jean and Gabriel in France were them being witness to their brother's wedding. 

Last entry for Jean and Gabriel were in Holland in June 1687