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Updates & News:

The book has now been converted to a searchable Word document,
I hope to be able to help people search easier for information.

The book is being converted to Word document so I can
do searches easier for people asking information.
Trees are still work in progress but this will allow me to populate it faster.
Fixed the trees, it wouldn't open the branches.
Still working on the family trees, currently updating A3 Jean's (Normandie).  
Still working on the family trees, currently updating Gabriel's
Added Coat of arms information
Guest book page has been created.
We'll share entries with visitors.
Working on the 3 family trees, slow going as there is a lot of info to be added.
Jean le Roux Normandie, page updated.

Jean & Gabriel family tree mind maps create and added to each family tree page.
Work in progress.
Voorschoten ship info added.
Current layout will be the main build.
Working on the background of Jean (Blois) and Gabriel's pages.
Pommegorge info page is complete for now.

Website is currently under construction.
As I don't think in Afrikaans anymore, I have been out of South Africa for to long and English is now home language, 
I'll build the website in English and then add Afrikaans in.
Might need some help with anything that sounds odd, please report anything I need to change and update.

Le Roux Stamboom in SA
Le Roux family tree in SA

Informasie van die Le Roux stamboom in Suid Afrika
Information on the Le Roux family tree in South Africa

Wat is die plan?
What's the plan?

Ons beplan of die webblad te gebruik om informasie bymekaar te maak van die Le Roux oer

ouers en hul nageslagte.

Our plan is to use this website to pool information on the Le Roux's forefathers and their offspring.