Jean le Roux - Normandie

Jean le Roux was born around 1667, the exact whereabouts is unknown.
What is known is that he is from Normandie, France.
There is a French refugee named Jean le Roux mentioned in May 1687 in a parish in Amsterdam.
South Africa:
Jean arrived in South Africa most probably on the ship Wapen van Alkmaar.
According to the OVC records Wapen van Alkmaar arrived in Cape of Good Hope
27th January 1689.
He stayed in Stellenbosch till he was issued the farm Vlakkeland in 1692,
this is located in Drakenstein.
He received the deed in 21 October 1694.
Jean married Maria de Haas in 1700.
Maria was daughter of Guillaume de Haas and Maria-Catherine Durier, originally from Ryssel (Lille), France
and moved to the Stellenbosch area.
They had 11 children:
Dina 1702, Jan (Jean) 1704, Jacobus 1709, Anna 1710, Matthiam Jacobus 1712, Maria 1714,
Rachel 1717, Lea 1720, Rebecca 1722, Magdalena 1725 and Catharina Elizabeth 1728.
Maria died in 1751 and Jean the next year in 1752.
Jean is buried in grave #98 at Moederskerk/Kruiskerk in Stellenbosch.
Dina his daughter is in the same grave and his son Jacobus is in grave #80.
Building his fortune:
In 1704 while at Vlakkeland Jean buys land to build a house in Tafel vallei.
In 1705 he sells Vlakkeland to his father in law.
Inbetween farming Jean was transporting goods for a fee but now that he's moved
into a small property he's continues on this venture.
He gets land in Cape Town to store his transport equipment, this was located in the current Long/Long market street area.
He sell this property in 1712.
He also sold his house in Tygervallei in 1710.
Grass doesn't grow under is feet as he gets a farm on loan (Langverwacht, north of Tygerberg).
After 13 years of building the farm he request ownership to be granted to him,
and it's granted in 1721.
The farm is back in Le Roux ownership since 1990.
Even though Jean sold Vlakkeland to his father in law,
they had a agreement as both names appeared on the paperwork.
After his father in law's death in 1717, Marie's name appears.
The farm is sold in 1724.
His family moves from Vlakkeland to Langverwacht
but his mother in law moves to Welgevallen, Stellenbosch
(now owned by University of Stellenbosch) which Jean bought in 1723
but put under his son's name.
Restlessness comes to the fore and he sells Langverwacht in 1726.
They move to Welgevallen and continue to farm there till his death. 

Sources: Hugenote society of South Africa, Die families le Roux in Suid Afrika by Kathleen le Roux and Le Roux family bond.