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Elaine, Australia:
Good day there!! I am currently doing my family tree (Le Roux) and so happy I found this web page!! I will use the information on this page if that is Ok to do so, and I do have a lot of documents myself. I currently live in Australia, we moved here in 2005. I am pretty sure we are from Gabriel Le Roux, but I still need to confirm that.
Kind regards, Elaine

Nog 'n le Roux in die buiteland. Verhuis in 2022.
Groete  Pieter le Roux Brisbane Australië

Good day to all the Le Roux's, far and wide, I was so delighted to have come across this website, and I am indebted to you all for the incredible research that has and continues to, inform this website.
I was adopted at birth in the mid-1980s and I am currently embarking on the profoundly empowering journey of tracing my biological parents. That has led me to find out that I was born to unmarried parents - yes, I am a bastard in the Old French sense - and my biological father's surname was Le Roux (and the name affixed to my initial birth certificate carried the Le Roux surname, although it was changed as a result of me being adopted).
As I start piecing together my ancestry and after I've (hopefully) successfully made contact with both of my biological parents, I will undoubtedly make contact with you all again especially because I'd love to connect with those Le Roux's with whom I share 50% of my DNA and ancestry!
Best regards always, Ricky Stone (born Le Roux)